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Grow Your Business 
Faster, Efficiently &
Up to 4X LESS Expensive!

Hiring a Healthcare Virtual Assistant is a cost-effective, High-flexibility alternative to hiring
another full-time employee. Using the services of the VA will allow your doctors and other staff to focus on patient care. Our virtual assistants for healthcare services will increase your practice's overall efficiency and help to lighten the workload.


Most importantly, you have complete control over how much work you outsource this way. Virtual assistants can be hired only for the tasks you are unable to complete on your own and pay them accordingly. On top of that, a Virtual Assistant can work around your schedule to meet your needs.  So if you are busy managing your business and barely have enough time for your family then you are in the right place.

Virtual Assistants

If you’re an entrepreneur and are looking for a way to grow your business, then this is for you.. You may find that hiring a full-time virtual assistant (VA) will help you accomplish more than you ever thought possible. You are no longer wasting your valuable time on mundane tasks.

Virtual Medical Scribes

Much like Patient Recalls and Appointment Confirmations, our Patient Reactivation model is designed to recall your patients by mining your database for patients who have not been seen in as many as 2 to 10 years.  In addition to generating more revenue per appointment, the information gathered from these calls has been proven to be very useful for providers including reasons for going elsewhere (pricing, staff, location, etc.), wrong numbers, wrong addresses, and patients who should be marked inactive.

Paralegal VA Services

Senior-Level, Legal Services & Support in a Variety of Practice Areas

Day-to-day practice management, as well as practicing law can leave little time for scaling your law firm and leave ambitions unfulfilled. Law firms can more easily grow and enhance their quality of work product when they draw on our legal services and paralegal support as a legal process outsourcing company. 


Every law firm is focused on keeping clients happy and their practices profitable. That is GIVEN, but no matter what the task, be it handling the phones, discovery, case management, dealing with client issues, or performing administrative tasks, we have you covered.

  • We provide very bright Virtual Assistants who, with your guidance, will perform a host of services at your direction.

  • Our firm-wide experience includes intake, communication management, case management, discovery, any administrative or back-office work, and many other taskings to streamline day-to-day operations.

  • You will have immediate access to Assistants to help with any work you need to be done. Should you need one or several professionals, your team is always exclusively dedicated to you.

  • No task is too small or mundane, and you can count on us to ensure cost-effective reliability and performance.

  • Your Assistants are fully backed by the “FORWARD Reliability Guarantee,” and your data is always secure and confidential.

  • Some of the more administrative taskings include intelligently managing telephone and email traffic, codifying conversations, delivering messages, updating your CMS, scheduling, managing changes to meetings and court dates, file management and helping keep your team on the same page at all times.

Healthcare VA Services

FORWARD is equipped to conduct Patient Satisfaction Surveys as a third party to your patients. Ever wondered how would your patients rate your service?  Granted healthcare is a necessity, however it is still a customer service business and patients must be treated appropriately.  This includes a list of questions about the patient's experience during their last visit. The outcome of each question and any additional comments are then compiled into a summary which is sent to the office and calculates your office's "Net Promoter Score." This information can be useful internally or for compliance with any associations or clubs which may require this information to be actively collected and maintained.

Medical Billers

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Virtual Marketing Assistants

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What Our Clients Say


"Mariya is amazing!! She’s sweet, proactive and her technical and creative skills are fantastic!! She’s a perfect match for me!! It’s nice to know my business is moving forward at a point in time when I am so busy that I could never hope to achieve what she is doing for me."
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